Our Teachers

Janis King

Janis is a full-time mother of 3 elementary aged children and a part-time yoga instructor in Kansas City. She is a retired marketing executive and holds an undergraduate degree in business as well as a masters degree in marketing. She has been trained in both kids yoga and trauma-informed yoga for youth and feels a strong passion for the healing benefits of yoga. She believes in working to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of ability or circumstances. Janis founded Superhero Yoga in early 2017 and serves as CEO. Her goal is to continue to bring the healing benefits of yoga to students who could benefit from it the most. “It still blows me away…the lifelong impact yoga can make on the brain and health of a developing child. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to bring yoga to kids in our community. The potential ripple effect is extraordinary.” —Janis King

Isaac Collins

Isaac is a Kansas City native, entrepreneur and owner of Yogurtini on the Plaza. In addition to his business experience and undergraduate degree in business, he has previously worked with kids programming at a non-profit and also has taught yoga in Kansas City. He is a certified yoga instructor and is also certified in kids yoga and trauma-informed yoga for youth. Isaac is passionate about giving back to the community which has supported him and finds great joy in interacting with the students in the Superhero Yoga program. He led the students through weekly yoga during the Superhero Yoga pilot program at The Academy for Integrated Arts and found great joy in the growth of the students. Isaac now serves as President of Superhero Yoga and is using his passion to help fuel our growth. “This has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see where it goes next. We have the potential to help so many kids.” —Isaac Collins

Megan Pudenz

Megan is currently a 200RYT yoga teacher in Kansas City and group fitness instructor. One thing she loves about teaching is the growth she gets from being around a variety of people. She grew up on a farm and loves the perspective that gave her in her life; she is passionate about people, experiences and the outdoors. Megan began her yoga practice as a mental and physical challenge that was out of her comfort zone when she was going through a stressful time in her life. Yoga provided a focus for her energy and she saw immediate benefits in both mental focus and physical strength. She is excited to be involved with Superhero Yoga to bring yoga to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Megan feels strongly about the importance of connecting with others and feels there is so much potential for learning and growth through working with youth. “It is important to connect with those who have had a different life than myself. There is so much you can learn and grow from the other as well as help be that light to someone else. I have a heart for youth and want to be a part of their story.” —Megan Pudenz

Rachel Pike

Rachel is currently a yoga teacher in Kansas City. Originally from Amarillo Texas, she settled in Kansas City to go back to school and study nursing, and found yoga in 2015 after an extremely difficult year. Rachel immediately fell in love with how yoga made her feel and become a certified yoga instructor to be able to teach and share yoga with others. When Rachel had a chance to become involved with Superhero Yoga she was immediately ‘all in’. In her free time, Rachel enjoys teaching fun, themed classes to friends and family. So far, her favorite is Hip Hop Yoga. “I wish I had the opportunity to practice yoga and mindfulness when I was growing up; it makes me excited that now I can be one to teach it to kids.” —Rachel Pike

Hayley Brower

Hayley is a Kansas City native and full time yoga teacher. She is involved in the Kansas City community through Big Brothers Big Sisters, Superhero Yoga and through her church. Hayley started doing yoga during college when she worked as a receptionist at a yoga studio. She kept coming back to her mat because of the stress release, healing and love she felt on the mat. Hayley wanted to join Superhero Yoga to share the benefits of yoga with children in her community. “I believes yoga has the ability to bring confidence, self love and healing and I wish I had yoga as an outlet when I was growing up.” —Hayley Brower

Miriam Zavagnin

Miriam (aka Mimi Z.) is a Kansas City native. She is a former classroom teacher and school administrator and holds undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Spanish as well as a Master of Education. She has been teaching yoga to children in the Kansas City area officially since 2011, but began implementing yoga practices into her Spanish classroom as early as 2007.  In addition to her 200RYT designation, she is certified to teach children’s yoga through Karma Kids Yoga in NYC. Miriam truly believes that developing mindfulness practices at a young age should become mainstream.  She has taught yoga and mindfulness to children of all ages in schools, studios, parks and various other settings.  She has also trained numerous classroom teachers to implement mindfulness practices with their students in the private school setting.  “I am ecstatic to join the Superhero Yoga team.  I’ve had a personal and professional goal to reach children in the public school setting.  Becoming a part of the Superhero Yoga vision was one of the easiest professional decisions I’ve ever made.” -Miriam Zavagnin

Justine Volkman

Justine began her career as a Teach for America Corps Member, where she was certified in Children’s Yoga and used it in her classroom. She recently completed her third year teaching Pre-K at Operation Breakthrough. Having practiced for many years, yoga has recently become an integral part of her life and her teaching. Mindfulness and yoga practice have been incredibly effective in teaching her children invaluable socio-emotional and self-regulation skills. When Justine heard about Superhero Yoga, she was inspired because she knows how powerful yoga can be for children. In addition to yoga, Justine loves to paint, do ceramics, and be creative. “I am eager to implement a full-school yoga program and I can only imagine how transformative it will be.” —Justine Volkmar