Our Story


Janis King started teaching yoga in  2016, and was impressed with the health benefits she experienced and witnessed in her students. A former marketing executive and mother of three young children, she imagined bringing this powerful healing art into high-poverty schools where the impact of her work could be even greater.   

When the executive director at Academy for Integrated Arts heard her idea, she urged Janis to begin a pilot program immediately at the school.  With the help of AFIA librarian, Laurie Bomba, and one of Janis' first yoga teachers, Isaac Collins, Superhero Yoga was born.

Kansas City native and business owner Isaac Collins had been looking for a way to give back to the Kansas City community by sharing his passion for mindfulness with young people. Isaac had begun a practice of transcendental meditation in 2012 to heal from a traumatic experience, and had extended his practice to teaching yoga in 2016. When Janis approached Isaac to join Superhero Yoga, he needed no convincing.

Superhero Yoga provided the first trauma-informed yoga class to the students at Academy for Integrated Arts in March of 2017 and has steadily expanded.  We currently bring yoga to 800 students weekly at 3 Kansas City elementary schools. The need for trauma-informed yoga in Kansas City schools is great, and growing.  With the generous support of our community, Superhero Yoga continues to expand.


Our People.

Isaac Collins, Co-Founder

Janis King, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Laurie Bomba, Co-Founder & Board Member


Our Focus.

Strengthening young minds through focused breath and movement.